exhibition design

The exhibition Wisselwerking is the result of a dialogue between 33 Graphic Design students and 33 professionals. Based on personal interest, each student chose a designer or a specialist in a different, related field. What question was on their minds? For the student, this question then served as the starting point for an investigation into his or her own point of view. Thereafter, they translated this specific question into a poster or a video work which they showed in an exhibition.

Together with Niels van Haaften, Niek Does, Anouk van de Grootevheen and Kimberly Abbott I designed and produced the spatial design for the exhibition. Our approach was to continue the dialogue about graphic design within the exhibition. By opting for a non-static layout where visitors could alter the way the works were arranged by rotating the boards, different works could hang side by side, resulting in a side-by-side display of different opinions on the discipline.

Concept, exhibition design, production