graduation project

The more connected we are, the more we are all just pixels on a screen. We crave pixels. They are talking to us, responding to us, acknowledging us – all as often as possible. Brands are trying to create an image out of our experience with technology. They give it human features so it becomes something we can identify with. These technologies become personalities, characters and entities to interact with, to connect with us. What is our relationship with our technologies?

Azora questions how digital technology intertwines with ourselves and doubts our relation and intimacy with our devices in an interactive video to be viewed through the medium of gaming. Armed with a PlayStation controller, you step into the world of Azora, a fictitious digital entity who wants to become friends with you. By means of dialogue and peeking into her world, you are questioned about the different ways we relate to the technologies surrounding us.

Concept, video game, interactive